03 December 2012


By some fluke, I'm still on a couple of colleges email lists, so I've been getting the occasional email prodding me to "apply soon," because "they've been waiting for me." I can't believe that I got my acceptance letter from LC almost a year ago (December 16). I remember dreading the time between when I got that email and when I finally came here last August. It seemed to take forever, and I just wanted to get here and start college. Now, I'm having a really hard time believing that in 17 days, the first semester of my first year of college will be over.

Waiting is hard, but I can't stress enough that you should appreciate every moment. Looking back, I feel like I just was applying to schools, and here I am, available to help you with the process! A lot of my friends here I made on my new student trip, and we've been talking a lot about how it feels like we just went on the trip.
A whole 3 and a half months ago?
Before you know it, you'll be here (or wherever you end up going), and then you'll be out working or traveling or doing whatever you end up doing with your life. I'm extremely happy that I get to spend four years here: I've made great friends, the professors are excellent, I'm learning a lot, there are tons of clubs and events put on throughout the semester, I'm in a beautiful part of the country, I've met people from all over the world, the list goes on. I wish everyone knew how cool this school is, and I wish you all the best of luck with your applications. Know, though, that wherever you end up, you will make friends and find a community. True, the communities at different schools are different from each other, and it's likely that you'll feel more comfortable in some than in some others. However, there is rarely one right answer to big choices in your life like this (though, and I am biased, I'd say that LC is the best).

I only have classes until next Wednesday, then two reading days before finals start. I'm anxious, but I am confident that I'll do well on the tests. I'm trying to squeeze in some "more fun" activities before finals, like going bowling and watching movies, but it's hard to find time between studying. I will succeed!
We had a studying break to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We fit 6 people on my bed.
Please email me with any questions or comments about the college, or applying, or anything (things related to fuzzy animals are appreciated, too). My email is rekidder@lclark.edu. 

P.S. I would like to share my current favorite video, that's getting me through studying (1:15 is the best part of the video).