19 March 2013

BuildOn dinner

Hello everyone!

This semester has been extremely intense with work and school work and club activities.

In addition to being the Spanish Club president, I am also very involved with a group on campus called buildOn. Last year when I was a curious new freshman and went to the club fair at the beginning of the year, buildOn was the first club I signed up for. I think I have talked about it a bit before, but for those of you who don't know - buildOn is a national organization that has chapters in some college and other places, such as the one we have here at Lewis & Clark.

BuildOn's mission is to "break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education." Last year I, along with 13 other students from the LC buildOn group, traveled to Mangulu, Malawi to build a school for a community there. We fundraised all of last year and made enough money to fund an entire school. This year, our group is sending 7 people to Haiti to build another school.

This year, as well as last year, one of our biggest fundraising events was the dinner that we hold in the spring. This year we had a local Cuban restaurant, Pambiche, cater our event. The food was absolutely delicious, we had two musical performances, and Tom Silverman (the Global Chapter Manager) came and gave a wonderful talk about the organization.

This is the song that 4BC wrote and sang for our event!


It was a great event that people worked really hard to make happen and I think we were able to make a lot of money towards the school. We still have a little ways to go but we're almost there.

Spring Break is next week and I am now just trying to get through this last week before I head up to Vancouver, BC with my friend! I'm very excited for the break and to travel a bit.

Hope you are all well!

Email me at drussosavage@lclark.edu if you ever have questions!