14 March 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Hey Potential LC-ers!

The happiest of Pi days to you all! What's that? You don't know what Pi day is? Well, it's 3.14. The first three digits of the mathematical value (π).   In honor of this auspicious day, in Olin (academic building for chemistry, astronomy, physics, and geology, so science!!) there was much much free pie. They got it from Bannings, the 24 hour pie diner near campus. I didn't actually know in advance that this was happening, so when I walked into Olin (I was there to see one of my professors during office hours) and everyone was walking around with pie I knew I stumbled into something good. I headed to the source of the pie only to be stopped at the door by a physics professor who demanded I tell him three equations with Pi in it. When I successfully did so, I was admitted into the most magical of rooms, filled with all of the kinds of pie. I deliberated between chocolate cream and cherry for quite a while and eventually settled on both. Thus equipped with pie I went to my prof's office and he told me pie jokes. 

I have just finished with my midterm 3 weeks. It was a bit hellish, but I got through it. Now we're being rewarded with some sunshine. Here's a secret about Portland; our academic year spans the cloudy and rainy season. HOWEVER, the sunny beautiful days are pure magic. I can't even describe the wonder of a clear sunny sky over campus, how we have class outside and everyone is in the best of moods. This last weekend to celebrate the (almost) end to all the tests me and a good friend took the Pio Express (our free bus) downtown and then the Portland Streetcar up to 23rd Street. We went to Salt and Straw and got the BEST ice cream. I had the salt and caramel. I'm still dreaming about it. 

So that's it for today. I have an essay to write this weekend and will head downtown again Saturday to the first farmers market of the year! I might pick up some thai food at my favorite food cart and then hunker in for the day to study and write!

Send me all your thoughts and questions to smiller@lclark.edu, I love hearing from you!