01 April 2013

Almost the End

Congratulations to everyone who just got accepted to LC (and congrats on your other acceptances, as well). Hopefully I will be seeing a lot of you around campus in the coming weeks!

I only have 24 days of classes left, about a week of finals, then my freshman year will be over! It's insane to think about how quickly this year has gone. I feel like I just got on campus. I went home over spring break, and it was really strange comparing my flight back to school with my trip here last summer. It's so easy to call this place "home," and it actually felt relieving to get back into my dorm and see my friends and go to class today (as much as I love my Minnesota home).

Break was a much-needed, adequately named, break. Midterm stress was starting to turn into pre-finals stress, so it was super nice to have a week where I didn't have many obligations. I got to go to the zoo, see some high school teachers, hang out with my family, and sleep (a lot).

It wasn't quite so spring-like in Minnesota
But it was gorgeous in Oregon!

There was a really awesome rainbow last week (though I didn't take this picture)
We are really jumping right back into this week. I have a big Spanish test on Tuesday, and deadlines are closing in on my course projects for environmental studies and E&D. We are registering really soon for classes for next semester, and for housing next year. Things are busy, but we're almost done!

Especially as you all get closer to choosing where you're going to go to school, please email me at rekidder@lclark.edu. I respond quickly!