05 April 2013

Spring Break and such

Hello lovely readers!

Spring has sprung and brought with it the joys of a week off. Well, it brought a week off. Now we're back to classes and the end of the semester seems to be speeding towards the end at an alarming rate. Spring break was full of lots of relaxing days plus a bunch of days giving tours for admissions. Maybe I met some of you? 

Anyways, this week back to classes was marked by some gorgeously sunny days. In the 70s and Sunday in March? No way Portland! Because of the gorgeous weather we did lots of outdoorsie things like going to the farmers market and exploring the state park (Tryon). One of my housemates and I tackled the back garden and planted a whole bunch of herbs and things. I wish I had more exciting things to report but this was a fairly low key week. Classes, work, a little bit of sun. Fortunately, I like my classes and my work. So despite not huge events or adventures It was a nice time. Here we go into the last of the semester. There will be lots more to tell as we reach the end!!

As always e-mail me at smiller@lclark.edu with questions!