16 April 2013

This last weekend, as always, was an extremely busy weekend. I always have so many fun activities to participate in that it's hard to find time to do work!

This past friday was International Karaoke night, saturday was Spring into Action and Salsa Fiesta, and sunday my roommates and I took a trip to a Tulip farm!

(First annual) International Karaoke was a blast. Every language assistant learned and performed a song in a language that was not their own, and students from all of the conversation classes performed a song in the language they were learning. It was so much fun and quite hilarious. All of the language assistants also made delicious appetizers from their home countries. In the end my roommates and I stuck around and jammed out to some "Baby got back," "Rabiosa," etc. Overall I would say the event was quite a success.

Saturday, was Spring into Action (the annual day of community service that Lewis & Clark has every spring). I went with about 20 other students to Hoyt Arboretum to pull some ivy. The experience was wonderful, and it was great to feel as if I were helping out in some way. I had never been to the Hoyt Arboretum before and it was absolutely beautiful. Here is a picture of our group after 3 hours of ivy pulling.

There were many other service projects happening on saturday as well all over Portland, even some taking place on our very own campus. Around 200-300 students participated. 

After getting back from Spring into Action I went straight to help set up for the Salsa Fiesta. The Salsa Fiesta is an annual event put on by the Spanish club and department, Copeland Hall, the Dean of Students as well as others. A local salsa instructor is brought in to teach everyone how to dance different types of latin dance such as the merengue, the bachata etc. It was so much fun to dance salsa all night. There was also a photo booth, appetizers and great music.

Finally, on sunday, my friends and I went to visit the tulip farm which was absolutely beautiful. I will leave you with some pictures from that.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Lewis & Clark! I know you are all making your college decisions right about now. Feel free to email me at drussosavage@lclark.edu