16 April 2013

Three Weeks

We only have three weeks of classes left! Then a week of finals, then we're done!

Last weekend was pretty busy. On Saturday, I was a project leader for Spring Into Action. I was supposed to help lead a group going to the Oregon Food Bank, but due to some last-minute changes I ended up co-leading the group going to Tryon. Tryon is a state park right next to campus, so we walked as a group from Stamm, where the day's activities began, to the nature center in the park. It was kind of a long walk from LC to the spot we were pulling ivy, but everyone stayed in good spirits and had a good time. It was really cool to be participating as a leader, because most of my community service experience has been as a participant, not a leader. I definitely relied on my weirdly large repertoire of camp songs to keep the group entertained.

That evening, I went over to my brother's apartment. He and his fiancee got kittens! They were both pretty shy so I didn't get many good pictures of them together. It was really nice to have a cat fix.
They piled on top of each other!
I dedicated Sunday to homework, locking myself in my room after brunch to write a 10-page paper. I somehow managed to get it all down, which is good because my rough draft for the paper is due next Monday. I knew I had to do it last weekend, because I'm going on two college outdoor trips next weekend and won't have time to write it at all then.

I had the pre-trip meetings for those trips tonight, and I am really excited! On Saturday I'm going to go kayaking in Scappoose Bay. I've only been kayaking a few times on a smallish lake in Vermont, and not for very long. I've done a bunch of canoeing, so I'm interested to see how similar kayaking is to that. I got to pick out a wetsuit and everything today! I don't know anyone going on that trip, but that's the great thing about CO trips- you get to meet new people. Then on Sunday I'm going on a "waterfall and wildflower" hike in the Columbia River Gorge. I have a couple of friends also going on that trip. I'm really excited. Apparently the Columbia Gorge is one of the best places in the world to see wildflowers.

It has been really nice here. Today I studied outside for a while on a lawn. I have a lot of work to do, but it's actually pretty enjoyable when you can do it while lying on the grass.
I took this picture after ukulele orchestra yesterday. So pretty!
I'm beginning to be able to check projects and things to do off of my list, which is a really good feeling. I can see the finish line!

Please email me with questions! My address is rekidder@lclark.edu.