28 October 2013

A Relaxed Week.

   Hello all, welcome back to my blog! Last week was pretty good. Like the week before, I had nothing major due. So, like last week, I took time for leisure. I spent some time hanging out with friends outside. For some reason, there has been less rain then in my previous years here. The whole week was brisk and sunny. I love autumn and I am really happy that we are getting such a nice one this year. I used the weather to go downtown and walked around with my friend Scott. Scott is on the tennis team with me. He is a Chemistry major, and only a few credits away from earning an English minor. He is a solid dude, and one of my best friends here. While we were downtown, we went to Powels and got some books. I think we spent a good three hours there. I ended up with a cool history book about China, and he left with a sci-fi novel (I didn't catch the name). It is really easy to get caught up in Powels, the place kind of swallows you. 
   Last week, we had a birthday in my hall. It was Tommy's birthday. He lives on the lowest floor in my charge. Whenever a birthday comes around, I get the whole hall together to celebrate. We usually all pitch in for a cheap gift, and I attempt to bake something worth eating. I made Tommy brownies. To play it safe, I got the box kind. They turned out pretty good. Tommy's friends also made him a cake. So we ended up with way more food than we anticipated. Fortunately, most people stepped up and selflessly took seconds and thirds. Birthdays are my favorite kind of hall event. It is a lot of fun to bring everyone out from their rooms, eat baked goods, and sing. Overall, I would say Tommy had a good birthday. I think we have another birthday coming up on Wednesday. I think I will make cupcakes.
    The weekend was also a pretty fun time. Me and my girlfriend, Madeline, went to a pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island. CAB (Campus Activities Board) ran a shuttle for campus to the Island/pumpkin patch. The best part, it was only five dollars (talk about a cheap date!). Anyway, we chose pumpkins and then spent some time running around and getting lost in a corn maze that they had there. It was a pretty great afternoon. When we got back we carved the Pumpkins back in her apartment. Madeline is an RCA. That means that she helps upperclassmen with jobs, internships, and resumes. Basically, she helps people with real world things. The added bonus, at least for her, is that she gets to have an apartment on campus. Our pumpkins came out pretty cool. Madeline is the artsy one, so her pumpkin easily beat mine. It looks like a real jack-o-lanter. Mine, on the other hand, looks like poorly-proportioned Picasso (in a bad way). Despite my bad pumpkin, it was a pretty great way to spend a saturday.
  In case you were wondering, this is Madeline. Anyway guys, I hope your weeks have gone well. Good luck with the upcoming week. Keep it real,