28 October 2013


Hello, readers!

This weekend I went on my third College Outdoors trip in a month. It was a leadership training trip to the coast for people interested in student coordinating, and as with most CO trips, it was wonderful. We started out the weekend with a tour and scavenger hunt in Sequoia, the warehouse on south campus where CO keeps all of their gear. We then went to the coast and spent the next day learning about CO policies and receiving training about how to lead and teach well. We did a small hike to the beach and got to hang out by the ocean for a while.
The weather was also really nice, which was a definite plus.
When we got back on Sunday, we learned about the post-trip process and cleaned up all of our gear. Then I had the whole afternoon to study for my climate science midterm, which I had this morning.

Midterms are still going strong. Besides the climate science test, I have a group presentation and a rough draft of a written assignment due in climate science lab tomorrow. I have an environmental studies midterm on Thursday, and I'll have to finish whatever we do in lab this afternoon before class tomorrow. We're reading the beginning of Don Quixote in Spanish, which is also a lot of work (but enjoyable). I also have a short paper due in international affairs on Wednesday. Last week, I had a paper due in Spanish, my concentration due in environmental studies, and a quiz in international affairs. It's a lot of work, and I'm carefully walking the line of balancing my schoolwork with doing extracurricular activities like CO trips. I have one more CO trip I'm signed up for next weekend, then I should have some more free time. I think midterms are close to being done for a few weeks, which will also be nice- I'm expecting my next few weeks to be a little bit less stressful.

Finals are only 6 weeks away, which is frankly really scary. I'm not too scared about the finals themselves-- they'll be stressful, and it'll be a frantic few weeks leading up to them-- but after they're done, I'll be halfway done with sophomore year! This year is already going way more quickly than last year, and second semester last year went faster than first. It's almost time to register for next semester-- luckily, I have my classes all figured out-- and in February my application for my semester abroad is due. Then summer, and two more years. It's crazy how quickly college is going, but I'm enjoying every bit of it. I have so many opportunities to become involved in various things, and I'm definitely growing as a person every day. It's interesting to look back at who I was when I graduated high school, when I went home for winter break last year, when I went home for the summer, and when I came back here this fall. I think one of the most important traits in a college is its ability to foster your growth as a person, which Lewis & Clark definitely does.

I hope that all of y'all that are currently applying to schools are doing well and aren't too stressed (I also hope that for the rest of you, but those applying to college get a special shout out). Early application deadlines are soon, so it may be almost over for some of you. You can do it! I promise it will be alright.

If you have any questions or just want to talk, please email me at rekidder@lclark.edu.