15 October 2013

Fall Break and Beyond!

Fall frolicking and fabulous fun in California!

What better way to celebrate midterms being (mostly) over than going away to beautiful Santa Rosa, CA with one of my best friends and fellow blogger, Seraphie! Something I'm so grateful for is the accessibility to a whole new side of the country--I never would have been able to spend a 4 day weekend in California had I stayed in Maryland! 

What did we do!?

Delicious meals, sight seeing, trips to San Francisco, tours of vineyards, outdoor baths and lots of R&R. My favorite part was actually a night in with her mom, homemade cookies, good music, dancing, and a really interesting discussion about religion. 

This is a picture of the beautiful bay that seemingly everyone is from- I see the appeal! Seraphie and I having a great time...she's already prepping for her Batman halloween costume!

So...break's over, what now? 

Well, back to work! I have a really cool project for my health psychology class which I'm super jazzed about! It's a behavior modification project and mine involves incorporating mediation into my daily routine. I am currently collecting baseline data on my mood and (mostly) stress and next week I start the meditation-updates to come!!

I'm most excited for this weekend because it's STAFF RETREAT!!! My lovely Forest staff team (refer to last week's photo) and I are going to a floating house on the Willamette River and spending the weekend bonding and sharing stories. 

Until next week :)