22 October 2013

Floating Homes and Life Stories

Hey everyone!!

As I said last week, I was so excited to go on my Forest Staff retreat this weekend. 

Conclusion: it was everything I could have hoped for and more!!! We were on a floating home about 20 minutes away from school and got to disappear into the fall beauty of a forest-enclosed river that backed on train tracks. 

Favorite memory: Friday evening after I cooked dinner for the 11 of us, we went outside with tea and hot cocoa on the dock, lit a bonfire and fluctuated between laughing through stories and jokes and enjoying the silence and slight sway of the dock from the river.

Our main activity was sharing our life stories. Each of us talked for about 1 hour with all eyes on us as we gave our narrative. Talk about deep connection! It was a fantastic experience but honestly, it's making it a little difficult to be back :/ I didn't get much (ok, any) work done over the weekend and...

This week I have: a midterm, presentation, chapter test and 2 papers all due by Friday, plus the QRC (Queer Resource Center) which I am the program coordinator for is having a meet and greet on Thursday with Boba tea! If I make it through, I will be thoroughly impressed with myself :) 
New interests:
The graduate school I want to go to: The National College of Natural Medicine, is just starting to offer a 1 year program in a Masters of Science in Nutrition! Totally up my ally! So I'm looking into (obsessing over) that now! Updates to come :) 



P.S sorry for the lack of pictures this week, I'm going to try and make a video for next week!