21 October 2013

Midterms, Midterms, and More Midterms

I feel like I just finished my first round of midterms, and already the second round is upon me! This week I have a Spanish paper and a revised concentration for environmental studies both due on the same day, on top of the typical day-to-day work I have every week. Beyond that, I have a climate science test on Monday, and I have to be planning my schedule for next semester.

Luckily I got to get away from all my work for a bit this weekend- I went kayaking with College Outdoors! I'm a bit sore, but it was gorgeous. It's been really sunny here (though the fog has been crazy in the mornings!), and the water was like glass. We saw a lot of birds, and got to experience the tides in the Columbia (the hard way- some of us had a bit of an issue getting our kayaks through the water because the water lowered while we were in the bay).

So much fog!
Saturday night, after I got back, I got to perform with ukulele orchestra at Once Upon a Weekend! It's an amazing and hilarious event that the theatre department puts on once a semester. A prompt is released, and students have a few days to write a short play (usually about 10 minutes long). Then 6 plays are chosen, and directors are cast. Students audition for roles on Friday and spend Saturday preparing- each play has a short time slot in which to get ready. Then, at 10 pm on Saturday, they perform the plays. Ukulele orchestra played, as did a bunch of a capella groups and the improv group. It was really funny, and everyone was super talented.

Please email me with any questions! I know the early action deadline is approaching in a few weeks, and you'd be surprised how quickly the later deadline can approach. My address is rekidder@lclark.edu.