21 October 2013

Multicultural Fair!!

            Hello all! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty exciting. My dorm, Akin Hall, was in a bit of a whirlwind during Friday and Saturday because of Multicultural Fair. Multicultural Fair is a really fun event that our dorm puts on every year (since we are the international/multicultural themed community). About a month in advance, different groups are organized based on what culture they want to represent and then they come up with recipes, presentations, and decorations for their table. On Friday night, all the members of all the tables were in the kitchen of the dining hall cooking massive amounts of food. I helped out with the Alaska table along with my friend Hannah, who is also the RA (Resident Adviser) for my floor of Akin. We made Eskimo ice cream, which is normally made with caribou fat, but we made it with Crisco! It was pretty simple to make: just that, blueberries, and sugar. My arms got really tired from whipping it up. Food processors are for the weak! We're doing it the Alaskan way. That's what Hannah said anyway. She's from Alaska; she'd know.

           Meanwhile, my friends over at the Hawaiian table made delicious coconut pudding.

         Saturday was the BIG DAY! There was so much food. I was in heaven… I think my personal favorites were the Moroccan couscous with onion and raisin sauce and the Austrian apple bread pudding with berry compote and the French crepes with Nutella and bananas. Delicious. Akin does food like no other. In addition to the food, there were a few dances performed – one by the Gumboot Club and one by a random group of students from Akin who decided to put on a Chinese zodiac dance. I wasn't in either of them but they were fun to watch. In addition to the country and location tables, my friend Robert had a Ska culture table and he told passersby about the history of the music genre and taught them how to "skank" (which is the name of the Ska dance). Overall, it was just a really good time and tons of people came to taste the food and hear about the different cultures. Lewis and Clark is so much more diverse than where I used to live and I enjoy being a part of a community like that.

          I'll leave you with a few pictures that I took of the Latin American table and Robert’s Ska table. Have a great week everyone!