22 October 2013

Seraphie's Room: The Colors of Fall

                                               Fall Colors 
Fall leaves
Besides being an October baby, I love this month, because of all the fall color changes. This weekend I collected bright red and yellow leaves from the parking lot outside of Copeland. I brought them up to my room and found the biggest book I owned (The Penguin Opera Guide) and put each leaf in a different section and squeezed the pages tight together. In two weeks I will hang the leaves all around my room and their color will hopefully stay until I take them down for winter break.

                                                             Seraphie's Room
View from my dorm window
Uniquely, we have had two weeks full of sunshine! It is important that you value the sunshine in Portland, because you never know when you might see it again. The picture on the left is the view I have from my dorm window. While living on the fifth floor of Copeland can be tough, I love the privacy and the view of the trees.  
 Emotional Roller Coaster
There are weeks where there are just so many tests, essays, and meetings that by the end of the week you can't remember anything you did. Last week was one one of those, however, I do remember the roller coaster feeling of high and low emotions. As a resident advisor, we tend to encounter all the wonderful, hectic, and sometimes unsettling situations our fellow hall-mates experience. There are times when people come into your room with all the smiles and others times in all tears. I had a few intriguing and personal conversations with individuals this week and as I continue to reflect over those, I feel blessed to be trusted by such amazing people. This sounds kind of dramatic, but life in general can be incredibly hard at times and as I have found more and more at college it is very important to have a support system around you. Looking back on my first year at LC, I was completely unaware of the resources available to the student body and I could have suffered many less griefs. From my experience people at LC really care and are more focused about the health and well being of an individual than their amount production or whatever. Anyways, I apologize for the blabbing, but I could not mention last week without all of the emotions I experienced.

Birthday Week
Birthday Card!
This week is bound to be much more exciting and fun, because it is my birthday week! I turn 21 on Friday and could not be more thrilled. While I am not a big alcohol drinker, I love having birthdays where I am allowed to do new things according to our laws. I am going to celebrate by going home for the weekend and having a party with my family, friends and significant other. I am really looking forward to it, not to mention presents! Although it is early, I got the cutest birthday card from my favorite aunt and uncle today.