31 October 2013

Seraphie's Room: A Regular LC Halloween Day

Today, Short Story was indeed the most tangent filled and wonderful of classes I have had this semester. We went from discussing the short story we had read called "Don't Cry" by Mary Gaitskill to watching a youtube video of Joshua Bell in the D.C subway to watching a video of a flashmob symphony playing "Ode to Joy" in front of a bank in Barcelona. If you have not watched either of these they are incredibly beautiful and insightful and you should check them out. Our class was spilt into many opinions about the Joshua Bell video: some thought it was sad/"chilling" that so few people stopped to listen to a world revered musician and others in the class thought people were justified in not stopping to listen, because people had to get to work/might not care for classical music regardless of who is playing. Food for thought!

Campus Living in Halloween Attire

After my intriguing 8am class, I dropped by our dean of students office for a donut treat and ran into the Campus Living staff. Needless to say this is hilarious and LC students you should vote for them to win best costume! The tennis player, Charlie, was my boss from last year when I was an RA in Akin, but the soccer star, Whitney is my boss this year in Copeland.

Last weekend was one of the most fun and content filled weekends I have had in a long time. Not only did I turn 21, but I got to see my family. While I feel very supported here at LC, it was nice to go home and be surrounded by people who truly love and will always care about me.
Left to right: Seraphie, Sammy and Hannah Allen
The picture below of me and my sisters was taken this weekend at my family's traditional Harvest party. I am the one of the left! Coming back was difficult and I hate school at this moment, which is strange for me, because I never have felt that before, but this was one of the best weekends ever.

Anyways, keep it real folks and Happy Halloween! Also, I think everyone should know I got a twitter account last night, which two months ago I was utterly opposed to, however, I was taken up by the tide! My username is Seraphe_Larose if you are interested in sending a tweet my way :-)



ps This is my costume for today...
Picture taken by Dean of Students: Anna G!