10 October 2013

The First Post

        Hey Everybody, welcome to my first post! I'm exited to share my life at LC with all of you. Since this is my first post, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Carter Gee-Taylor.  I come from Colorado, growing up mostly in the Boulder area. On campus, I work as an Resident Advisor. I help students with whatever they need, and build community in our halls. I am also a history major. I love the history program here. I think it is well managed, and the professors are excellent. I really enjoy deconstructing the past, and I find it an intellectually rewarding task. I also participate in a cappella.  I enjoy singing, and I think that singing with other people is the most fun. Finally, I am captain of the men's tennis team. Last year, our season turned out pretty good, but I hope this year we make our team even better. I enjoy the grind of athletics. I think it provides structure and a needed release from the stress of college.
       This week was a short one. We only had three days of class because of fall break. Today is the first day. We get four days to recuperate and get caught up with school. Today, I plan to relax. I had a workout this morning and I have practice in the afternoon, but, other than that, today will be a day of reading and watching Parks and Rec. Tomorrow, I plan to head up to Seattle. There is a great, cheap, bus that runs from Portland all the way to Vancouver, Canada. It stops at all the important places in the Northwest. Previously, I used it to visit friends, and spend a couple weekends with my buddies in Vancouver. Tomorrow, I am using it to visit my friend Emmet, it is his birthday. I am exited. I think Seattle is a great town, and I always have a good time when I'm up there.
       Before fall break, I spent a week bogged down with midterm tests and essays. It is hard work, but good work. I am taking one class where we delve into the history of Islam in Europe. Last week, we wrote an essay on the Crusades. We had to weave together accounts from the Holy war and decide what actually happened. It was pretty fun, and I really enjoyed writing the essay. I also wrote an essay for a prison inside-out class. This class is special. Instead of learning in a classroom, we go into Columbia River Correctional and learn about Crime and Punishment in a class of students and inmates. It is a really eye-opening experience. The essay I wrote for this class dealt with the changing definitions of reform in our prison system today. While it was a tough week, it was a good one. I think work at LC is rewarding. It really stretches your mind, and allows you to see things differently.
      I'll let you guys know how my trip goes. Maybe I will have time to take some pictures of the sights so any non-Noerthwesterners can get a feel for how it looks up here. For know I'll just give you a picture of myself, so you can put a face to this blog:

I'm the guy on the top middle. I have black hair. This is me and my staff team from the move in day last year. Alright, thanks for reading. I'll catch you all next week.