17 October 2013

What fall break?

This week has flown by, we got back from Fall Break just four days ago but it feels like we never left the grindstone.  Don't get me wrong, the little reprieve last weekend was much needed and much appreciated.  The extra two days off allowed me to catch up on some work and finish one of my photography projects.  This week we are back at it.  My classes are busy as ever and cross country is still going strong.  Before I forget, let me quickly recap my fall break.

Thursday morning I had a difficult workout with the cross country team.  We ran around Oak Bottom park across the river in Sellwood.  It was a great morning run!  The rest of the day I caught up on some house chores, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.  Friday was more relaxed, I did homework at Dragonfly coffee shop in NW Portland.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty standard, filled with running, homework, work in the dark room, sleep and spending time with friends.  A solid couple of days but not quite as relaxing as I had hoped it would be.  Other friends traveled to places like Arizona, Reno, Seattle, and the coast but I am happy with my break spent at home.

This week was the Environmental Affairs Symposium, a bunch of very intelligent and articulate speakers came to campus to answer questions and ask even more questions.  The title says a lot about the content of the discussions this week: The Nature of the Unnatural.

Saturday I have a cross country race at McIver State Park, near Estacada OR. Right now that just means an extra layer of stress this week but the beneficial type of stress.  It will be fun to race at our home invitational race!  I'll let you know how it turns out!