16 October 2013


Samantha Bee is performing here soon. I've gotten a hold of VIP tickets. It's very exciting. She's a funny person. I've received the tickets because I'm on SAAB, a board that primarily gives grants for academic projects we determine are worthy. It's a pretty nice student resource.

I work on the law campus at their computer help desk. I occasionally help people. Most of the time I make sure there's paper and toner in the printers. But that takes only minutes. Really, most of the time I just do my homework.

A girl just  me if I could install printer drivers on her laptop. I was glad to be asked, since it's such a simple process for me. But she was running Linux. So no drivers for her.

Then someone asked to borrow a pencil sharpener. Nope. Don't have that either. Use a pen, dude.

Get away from me
This never happens in college. We did this as a joke.
A reporter will be spending the night in Holmes, the dorm I live in, tomorrow (a lounge within Holmes is pictured to the right). She doing some kind of article on the place's sustainability obsession. I love Holmes. The kitchens are nice. The accent colors on some of the walls are fun. But the blow dryers don't work. They just blow air. They do this for the same reason we're discouraged from taking the elevator. And the same reason the toilet paper holders are designed to stop turning after three squares have been pulled — three squares, that is, of single ply. The building is so insecure about its carbon footprint that it dares to inconvenience me. Hopefully this journalist will have enough integrity to be annoyed by it during her night here.

I'm having surgery on Thursday. I'll be under anesthetic for multiple hours and will miss class. But at least I'm finally using the insurance the school requires, even if it does only cover eighty percent of the operation.

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