05 November 2013

A Little Gloom...

Hey all!

So, honesty hour. I've been feeling a bit gloomy this week. It's been raining a lot and I have holes in almost every pair of socks I own and realized I don't have any water proof jackets :/ woe is me.., but not really! Yes, it's getting to be that gray, stereotypically "Portland" time of year but 3 years in is making me a pro! 

What to do when feeling the gloom?!

1) Go to the Student Health and Wellness Center and rent a "Happy Lamp" 
They really work and you can rent them for a week at a time and get in some good vibes while studying away!
2) Go off campus
Paired with this feeling a gloom, a lot of people start feeling like things are becoming monotonous and  motivation to do things such as school work gets alarmingly low. Do homework in a coffee (or tea) house off campus. OR leave the homework behind and do something fun in the city! I think this weekend I'm gong to go to a dance club with some friends!
3) Have a lazy day. 
This is me last year once I beat the gloom!
Sometimes, the best thing is to get into bed with your favorite pillow, snacks, movies, books, whatever your guilty pleasures are and INDULGE! Allow yourself guilt-free self-care however you choose and normally don't make time for. Invite a friend or go solo, just make at least an evening of free time.
4) Take some vitamin D. 
It helps. Really. 
5) Take a walk.
Put on your rain coat and your socks that don't have holes and take a stroll around campus in the rain. If you go at a time when you're not rushing off to class, you won't mind being wet and the campus is truly a beautiful place if you allow yourself to enjoy it. 

Those are my..I guess 5 cents about mastering the gloom! I better start taking my own advice!