15 November 2013

Allie Brosh

Allie Brosh visited Powell's Books
here in Portland
My room smells like burnt popcorn because that's what I eat. I saw Vivre Sa Vie last night. I think I would have liked it if I weren't seeing it for credit in French class. Or if Anna Karina weren't in it. Did you know she's actually Danish? It explains a lot about her appearance.

I don't really eat burnt popcorn. It wasn't even that burnt. It's just that the bag is. I don't have a bowl, so I shake the popped popcorn into a pan and eat it at my desk. You can go through three bags during one episode of The Good Wife if you remember to make more as soon as you finish the last batch.

Now that it's almost Christmas (it's actually not even Thanksgiving), I've been eating a lot of chocolate.

Another food fact: a plain slice of bread is pretty okay. Especially if you're in a hurry. Besides, everything that goes inside a sandwich is in the fridge in the kitchen. You don't want to waste your time with movement.

She signed my copy of her book!
Someone stole one of the two chicken pot pies I stored in the freezer. Then I burnt the other one. Not on purpose! It was the same microwave that burnt the stupid popcorn, so all we know for sure is that it is the common denominator. It's not even the one in my kitchen. That one is waiting on parts / replacement. Or maybe that's a ruse. Like when Matt Damon told everyone on the plane it would be another half hour. You know, I liked that he was on the show, but Liz was right to fight with him over that. Also the WiFi never works here, but only at night. I'm a CS major so I know how crazy that sounds. But it's true.

Poll. Putting computer chips in everyone's brains so they can quickly do complicated math and easily memorize huge amounts of information. OR ... build a self-sustaining city on the ocean run by a council of scientists. I ask because I'm still considering what I want to do with my life, and these two always surface to the top of my list. Also, what if the city were all that was left of our species? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Oh my god my door is ajar. I've been in my room for just over an hour and I never noticed. Who could have seen me? Friends. Neighbors. Enemies. Anyone. Anyone!

Remember my entry about the grey skies? Well, it's been more or less sunny ever since. But it's finally started to rain again. And the night air is thick with fog. Oh there's nothing like this campus in the evening. Rays of light cut through the haze at every turn. I wish the whole world looked that way. All the time, I mean. No sunlight.