11 November 2013

Athletics, Acting, and Academics

   Hello All, and welcome back to my blog! This week was a pretty fun one. It was the last week of competition for Soccer and Volleyball. I spent the weekend attending their final games and cheering them on. Volley ball won one game and lost one. Soccer had the same results. I had a great time at all of them. Lewis and Clark athletic events are always very interactive. The athletic community is very small. The size is sometimes limiting, but it means that the teams are all very close and supportive of each other. When I go to games, I know I will see members from every team showing their support. This is really nice, it means that every team usually have spectators. Plus, being a spectator is really fun. It is really enjoyable to compete, but I also appreciate watching others. It is decidedly less stressful. I get to hang out with my friends, and see our teams perform. It is not a bad deal.
   This weekend I went with Madeline to see the Marriage of Figaro. It was the main stage performance for this semester. Over the semester we have one acts, and student directed plays, but the main stage is the biggest event. It is the longest performance and is the most selective in who gets in. Madeline and I felt like having a classy evening, so we got really dressed up and went downtown for dinner. We went to this Thai place called Thai Peacock, it is one of Madeline's favorites. Anyway, we made it back just in time to go to the play. A couple of my friends were in the play, including a fellow RA. It was pretty cool to see them act. The play was really cool, and pretty funny. 
   This coming weekend the school will put on Fall Ball. It is a school dance, but not really like the ones I remember from High School. The school rents out this great venue (the Crystal Ballroom) and puts on a huge party. There is karaoke, pictures, food, and good music. You basically go and dance your face off. I love Fall Ball. It is really great to let lose a little, especially because we are not entering the end part of the first semester. You release all your stress, and the last few weeks become a little easier. I am also exited for Fall Ball because my friend, Emmet, is coming down to visit his girlfriend. It will be nice to hang out with him, it will be like just like old times. Anyway, I have a staff meeting (for my RA job) that I need to get to so I'm going to wrap up this post. I'll let you guys know how Fall Ball goes. I hope you all have great weeks. Happy Monday!