19 November 2013


Hey everyone,

I'm coming off a fantastic weekend because it was Race Monologues and Fall Ball! Probably my two favorite annual events we have here at LC! 

Race Monologues
Is the last event in the week long Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium and is completely run and organized and delivered by students of a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. The room (Stamm) is completely packed with students and faculty and staff who come to listen to these amazing monologues. The symposium has a different theme each year, this year was "Police States, Prison Nations" so each person tends to use this as a launching off point for their monologue. I can't even capture in words the emotion that takes over the room. Rarely in my time here do I get to hear parts of peoples most salient aspects of their life story, surrounded by people who want to support and learn and grow. So many of the monologues resonated with me deeply, especially as a student of color on this campus. I think there is so much value in being able to openly express your lived experience here. Everyone needs to attend this event.

Taylor (right) and I (left) at Fall Ball!
If only I were looking at the camera...

Fall Ball
Do I even need a description?!?! It's a ball! We get all fancied up and go to the beautiful Crystal Ballroom downtown which somehow has slightly squishy floors. There's a DJ, good food, photo booth and one of the only times almost the entire campus will be at one event. Things absolutely get hectic, but my roommate from first year aka my best friend and I are always each others dates. We spend half the night in our dresses and the other half, just change into comfortable clothes and dance until we drop! It's the perfect release after the stress of midterms and the monotony that can sometimes kick in around this time of year when the prospect of a break is so close yet so far. Fall Ball. Fall Ball. Fall Ball. Winning.

Have a great week :)