05 November 2013

Seraphie's Room: Back to the Dark Ages

Copeland Parking Lot
Back to the misty mountains and slick bridges where I always slip and fall on my butt. Back to the the Dark Ages! I have no midterms, however, the amount of work and little things I am working on is like reading a novel that never ends. Every time you get to another chapter, you realize there are 50 more to go. While I love a bit of healthy stress, I feel like I am barely keeping my head above the water. The tree above represent how sad winter weather in Portland can be. This was the same set of trees that two weeks ago I picked up the multicolored leaves and pressed them in my book to hang on my wall. I love the seasons. (I know some of you think Portland has no claim to having "different" seasons, however, since I am from California and am barely used to it raining in the winter, I am delighted). 

The Ray Warren Symposium I have been working on since summer is next week. I get to moderate a panel of Student Research Presentations: Racial Politics, Identity, and Popular Cultureinterdisciplinary discussion with students who will share original research projects that are in their developing stages.  Their projects address issues of race and ethnicity at national, international, and transnational levels. I cannot believe after 6 months of planning and preparation it is happening. 

Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies: Poster 2013

Not to toot my own horn, but I helped voice decisions about this poster and what it looks like. As a co-chair of the symposium you have to help make even the most minute decision, such as what color napkins we should use for our opening dinner on Wednesday evening (we decided cream). Anyways, all very exciting and I am happy things are all coming together. 

I am also really excited for the upcoming frisbee tournament in the Seattle area! I will travel up with my teammates on Friday and stay till our last game on Sunday. We've been having some really good practices, so I hope we do well. I will be sure to post about how we do next week (: 



p.s I do not even want to talk about homework, because I am trying to avoid it by writing this post now... *sigh*