18 November 2013

Serphie's Room: Chess and LC Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team

Playing at Chess Club, Monday Nights!
Feeling good after winning a game of chess in the Trail room a couple minutes ago. Every time I go to chess club, I feel like I need to prove that girls are capable at playing chess too! I have enjoyed getting back on a regular basis of playing chess - thanks to chess club!

I have rarely played chess with people outside of my father, who taught me. My parents divorced when I was five, but on the weekends when I was with my dad, I would march into his room with the wooden chess set and slam it down on his legs to wake him up to play with me. Now when I go home for the holidays, playing chess has become an expression of our love. It may not appear to an expression of bonding, because we make $5 bets for each game and smack talk/sing/hum/find any kind of distraction to throw each other mentally off, but it is our way of communicating. Aside from chess, I really love playing sports and this year I got involved with Lewis & Clark's Ultimate Frisbee Team.

Frisbee Team! 
I didn't have time to post last week, because of all the work I had to do with the Ray Warren Symposium, which I will talk about in my next post, but first I want to concentrate on the fabulous weekend I had with my ultimate frisbee team in Burlington (an hour north of Seattle), Washington. We are LC's club team, our mascot is Artemis and we try to live up to that fierceness, while having tons of fun! I came back last week extremely bruised, sore and exhausted. We played four games Saturday with 4 subs and 2 games on Sunday. I have never played frisbee before this, so I was happy that my ingrained basketball skills came to the rescue when my throwing needed some help. While we got back pretty early Sunday evening, everyone was exhausted and I went straight to sleep from 6pm-10pm, woke up and then went back to sleep for the rest of the night. For first years looking to make friends and play a fun sport -- ultimate frisbee is for you!

Until next time,