25 November 2013

Thanksgiving Week

We're in a three day week!
I'm looking forward to having some time off to spend with family (and not do very much work). Things had been pretty calm for me, but they're ramping back up again as we're getting closer to finals. I had a climate science midterm today, which actually went pretty well. I spent most of this weekend studying for it, so I was pretty well prepared.
Today is my busiest day for the week. I had that test from 8-9, then I have Spanish from 12:40-1:40 and environmental studies lab from 2-5. I then have a meeting for Symposium (I'll talk more about that below) from 5-6, and a hall meeting at 8. I'm using my free time to do homework for later today and for tomorrow, but I'm kind of sad that I'm so busy today, of all days, because my sister is visiting!
My parents are pretty busy and couldn't come out this year, but my sister is a junior in high school and thus is beginning her college-hunt. She flew out on Sunday to stay with me for a few days, and get a taste of what college life is like (so I guess my busy schedule is good, because it's a pretty accurate of a typical day, I guess). On Wednesday we are going over to my brother's apartment, and are staying there through Saturday. It's fun to have her around, I just wish I had more free time to spend with her.
My most exciting news from this week is that I was selected as a co-chair for the Environmental Affairs Symposium next fall. There are five other co-chairs (I'm trying to start using the term "co-couch" to apply to us, since I feel like one couch is about equal to six chairs?), and our first meeting is tonight. I'm really excited, and I've been researching potential keynote speakers. I know my schedule is about to get crazy, but I'm sure that this will be a great (and rewarding) use of my time.
I'll leave you with this picture of frost on the grass from earlier this week- it's been cold here!
Feel free to email me with any questions about Lewis & Clark! My email is rekidder@lclark.edu.