30 November 2013



Happy start-of-all-the Holidays!

This week has been fantastic and not just because it was only a 2 day week, (all my Wednesday classes were canceled.) I finally had the pleasure of celebrating both Thanksgiving AND the Chanukah on the same day! This is the first (and last) time that will happen in my lifetime!! (Cool, right?!) 

So, what have I been up to?

Well, Wednesday I decided to have a self-care day and I did my nails, took a nap with my best friend (Taylor, who I mention quite frequently) and took myself to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. AH. IT WAS SO GOOD. I literally can't get over how fantastic it was. Everyone needs to see it. My dream Katniss is to grow up and be Jennifer Lawrence; JLaw!!! *not because I'd rather not fight to the death of 23 other humans*

Thursday was Thanksgiving!!! I had the honor of being invited to Anna Gonzales's house (the Dean) and had a delicious meal..ok, more like 3 delicious meals :) AND was sent home with yummy leftovers! I.LOVE.FOOD

Friday (after I got over my food hangover) I buckled down, wrote a 12 page paper intermingled with watching youtube dance videos (So You Think You Can Dance=winning. always), ate leftovers and generally just stayed in my room. 

My goal for today is to get 4 small papers done and an anthropological interview of a chronically ill person for a class done today so that way tomorrow I can spend the morning transcribing the interview, rereading my papers and then RELAXING. I was looking on Groupon and found some really great deals for manicure/pedicure/facial deals soooo we'll see if I can reward myself for the progress I've (hopefully) made. 

Hope the holidays are treating you all well (and continue to) and you're making time to get things done AND take care of yourself!! Feed the soul :)