10 January 2014

Christmas In Wales

Being away for a year can sometimes be hard, especially during the holidays. When the rest of your family is celebrating Christmas and New Year's together and you are by yourself in a foreign country it can be quite lonely. Thankfully most everyone on our program figured out something to do with another family or with friends from the program. Some people were even lucky enough to go home for the two week christmas break.

I am lucky enough that I have a family in the UK that I am very close with and I went to visit them. We spent most of the break in their house in Wales. It was quite wonderful. I had been to their house in Wales twice before in my life. Both times were in the summer and my family was there as well. Since the last time I was in Wales they added electricity but they still do not have wifi, and while we were there they didn't even have a working phone because the phone lines had come down.

Wales, for me, has always been a majestic place. Whenever I have been, the time is spent playing games, washing dishes, preparing food, drinking, taking walks in the countryside and laughing our heads off. Being in Wales was the second best thing for me than being at home for Christmas. We had a tiny bit of snow but mostly lots of rain. My parents sent me my stocking in the mail and the family I was with was incredibly nice and gave me christmas presents as well. We had a couple of outings, one to the beach and then we went to the nearest town a couple of times as well.

Beach in Wales

For New Year's Eve we went back to their house in Norwich where they live. I worked at an Italian restaurant, where my friend and her boyfriend work, and it was incredibly fun. I had never worked at a restaurant before, but now I think I may want to try and get a job as a Hostess or Waitress when I get back to the United States. Anyways, I worked for the night from 5:30 until around 11:30 and then went and celebrated New Year's until 5 in the morning with my friends. It was a wonderful experience and a great way to ring in the New Year's.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's and Christmas if you celebrate it! And if you have any questions about Lewis & Clark, Studying Abroad, Foreign Languages or anything else, as always you can contact me at drussosavage@lclark.edu