19 January 2014

New beginnings

This marks the final Sunday evening before the spring semester gets under way and the work starts to pile up.  Today was the last day of freedom, I was able to watch an entire football game without the guilt that usually accompanies any non-homework-related activity on Sundays during the semester.  This morning I ran in Forest Park in NW Portland and followed a great run with a delicious breakfast at Stepping Stone Cafe.
  It is a glorious day and, as much as I am not looking forward to the rigidity of the semester I am very excited to begin classes again and get back to wonderful Watzek.  I will be navigating my last semester at LC this spring and that brings a whole other slew of excitement and nervousness.  Winter break is a restful time between semesters but there are some very productive things happening on campus during the weeks between New Years and the first day of class.  I participated in a program called Get That Job, a workshop to help give us some tools and insights to navigate the frightening world beyond Palatine Hill.  I learned a lot, we talked about everything from resumes and cover letters to interviewing to researching industries and job postings.  Other things happening on campus during the past two weeks include Wilderness First Responder certification course and a winterim entrepreneurship and innovation course that is part of the new department by the same name.  Not many people came back early so the campus is quiet and peaceful, a very different place than what I left back in December. I am happy to be back with all the people I know and love!