21 January 2014

New Semester

I'm back in Portland!!

Well, I've actually been back for about two weeks, but most other people have just gotten back in the last couple of days, and classes just started today, so it kind of feels like I just got back. I came back early to take a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course, sponsored by College Outdoors. It was an awesome class. There were 30 students, probably about a third of which were non-current LC students (both alumni and some people coming in from other areas just for this class). WFR is a certification that opens a lot of doors for you in the outdoor/environmental education job market, and it was appropriately challenging. We had class for nine days from 8 AM-5 PM, and two night sessions. It was set up so we got a lecture on some topic (i.e. broken bones), then we had a "scenario" where some of us would be patients and others rescuers, and the rescuers had to deal with whatever injury or illness the patient had. The scenarios were intense- we used stage make up to make it look realistic, and by the end our acting was getting pretty realistic as well.

The rest of my break was good. I watched a lot of movies and TV (Sherlock!!!), saw a lot of friends, and learned (kind of) how to knit.
I made a... square.
Minnesota was beautiful and I love it a lot, but it's nice to be back in Portland. I'm planning on going for more hikes this semester, which I am pumped about.
the sky was really pretty on my last night at home
Today, classes started. I had Econ 100 at 8, which is the intro course for econ. I like it so far! I've never been a huge fan of econ, but I also haven't taken it since I was 15, so I guess it makes sense if I feel differently now. My professor is very enthusiastic and also likes to draw connections to other subjects, which I like. After that, I had Global Resource Dilemmas, which is an international affairs class. Our class is about half IA majors and half ENVS majors. I think it will be really interesting. After that, I went to Self Defense for Women, a PE credit. I'm also excited about this- I heard it's really empowering, and I feel like it's good knowledge to have.

Tomorrow I have Spanish (enlightenment-present lit), and on Mondays and Thursdays I'll also have ENVS 330, Situating Environmental Problems and Solutions. On top of that, I'll have Symposium work every Wednesday night (and I'm sure other times of the week, too), ukulele orchestra once a week, and I'm hoping to volunteer regularly for Tryon Creek State Natural Area, the state park right next to campus. It's going to be an incredibly busy semester, but I feel ready for it.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please email me at rekidder@lclark.edu!