05 February 2014

From Watzek

I am writing this post from the lovely Watzek Library. Watzek is like my really, really awesome friend that is awesome and gives me pretty much anything I need, but I see a bit too often. I need the quiet space to be productive, though, and it also offers a variety of different types of spots to do work in. Right now I am sitting in an individual desk stall. The library has lots of those, some with outlets to charge your computer and some without. There are also study rooms (nine total, I believe) where you can work with people. There are a couple of totally quiet sections, where you aren't allowed to talk. Those places are good when you need absolutely no distraction. Downstairs, there are some tables and chairs and couches where you can sit and talk quietly. There are also couches upstairs. Overall, it's a cozy, mostly productive place that most students get to know very well.

It's taken me a long time to figure out how and where I best do work, and I think it varies from time to time depending on how I'm feeling and what type of work I'm doing. Some work, like reading, I need to be alone and in a quiet place or else I can't concentrate. Other work, like math, I like to do with people or with music playing. I also can't stay in one place too long, so I usually move from my bed to my desk to Watzek to Templeton (the student center) to a lounge in an academic building to outside (if it's nice) (and not always in that order). It's definitely easy to find a nook that suits you here, which is awesome.

Today I suddenly felt swamped with a lot of work, so I updated my ongoing to do list on my computer to make sure I don't forget anything. And, no surprise, I am extremely busy.
My to do list.

I'm at the point where I have so much to do that I put things like "haircut?" and "update phone with music" on my to do list or else I honestly will forget to do them. It's bad. Though, at the same time, I do feel extremely accomplished when I get to erase one of my tasks from the list, and at the end of each week when I look back on what I've done. I feel like I am juggling a lot, but successfully, which is a good feeling.

Besides all of my homework, tasks for Symposium, and planning for my future (abroad application! scholarship applications! tickets for spring break! look into finding a house for next year!), I somehow managed to go to the beach on Sunday. It was awesome.
We went to a beach near Manzanita (my dorm's namesake, kind of) and built a fire and hung out.

We also went to Cannon Beach, a classic. It was beautiful.

It was fun to hang out with some of the people I took my WFR with, and nice to get off campus and out of Portland. I'm going hiking again in a couple of weeks, and it's definitely something I continuously jump on the chance to do.

I have to go do more work, but please email me if you have any questions! My email address is rekidder@lclark.edu. I will answer, no matter how busy I am!