28 February 2014

Seraphie's Study Abroad: Flight Woes and Brisbane

 Flight Woes (sorry just have to get this out)
I've now officially missed my first flight ever! Yay me! Was I late? No. Did I have a pass printed? Yes. I printed the attachment they sent me when I bought the ticket. After taking the airport train, which costs $20 bucks each way, I made it to my flight area a hour ahead of time. I say down, hooked up to the free wifi, texted Alicia for while and then looked at my ticket. I noticed it didn't have a seat number on and I thought that was weird, so I went to the front desk to ask for a seat number and they said "I am sorry, you didn't check in 45 minutes ahead of time, you are not going on this flight." Mind you, we still had 30 minutes before departure. After trying to use hysteria and tears at the poor ladies, they still wouldn't let me on the flight. I even thought about sneaking on the flight, so snuck around behind the back when this guy asked me if I was okay. I explained my situation and then asked him what he thought my chances were of sneaking on, he said I could probably get past the ladies, but they do a head count on the plane and would realize there was one too many... Well after that hope was dashed, I tried to calm myself down. They said they could put me on the next flight for $85 the next morning. Obviously I took this as my last option. So my rant to all of you is to make sure you "check-in" EARLY! Don't be my poor soul who claims ignorance as a dumb American and still isn't let on. If they send you emails to check-in online even if you can't print, do it!!! Some of you are probably laughing at me and rightly so, but be warned, one day you will miss a very important flight and it will suck and you will NEVER make that mistake again.

On another note, I've now been in Brisbane for 2 weeks. I was flying out to Sydney tonight to attend the Mardi Gras parade. I will be posting about this soon! Luckily I will still make it for the parade tomorrow.

Brisbane has been a nice change from out fast pace and full schedule in Sydney. While I miss all the easy access to things people our age do, I am living with an awesome host family!

Jane and Kristiana are a young couple who live in a leafy suburb in a lovely Queenslander style house. They enjoy walking, gardening, good food and music. Kristiana works in financial literacy education and Jane is an Electrician who runs her own business. Their house is adorable and is in prime location for me to get to school. I have many windows, so my room is spacious and full of light. I've learned so much more about Australia and it's current culture from them than any lecture we've had yet. Jane makes my lunch everyday, which I've tried to tell her she doesn't need to, but she insists on being a good host. I've felt incredibly welcomed and feel honored to be a part of their family.  

Ultimate Frisbee
I've also joined an Ultimate Frisbee team! We are a co-ed team called the Poachers! There are some amazing players and some new players, so skill wise I am in-between. The season goes from February to April, so I will have to leave them part way through :( Two of my super nice teammates have been giving me rides, because the field we usually play at is across the city! We have games on Monday nights and I can tell how much I have improved just after two weeks. 

Our school schedule is the same as Sydney. We have lectures Monday-Friday in the mornings and sometimes have excursions during the afternoon. Today we had lectures on "Australia's Relationship to the World" and "Australia at War." We then did a field trip to the Toowong Cemetery, where our lecturer pointed the different monuments and their complicated meanings. We witnessed the usual erected war monuments commemorating the ANZACs, but we also saw a monument that was erected in protest to the war. 

The Temple of Peace: controversial war monument

Written on the Temple of Peace
Written on the Temple of Peace

As can see from the pictures, there is a hard glass casing around the monument. With the recent upsurge of patriotism in Australia, some people have vandalized this controversial site. This monument was especially controversial in its time, because it went against the standard opinion of idealizing war and the deaths of the soldiers.

Father and daughter remembered (this wasn't part of the war deaths, just interesting)
Yesterday, a few of us went down to a place called South Bank. Basically, it is a fake beach (don't be fooled by the picture) set up along near the river where anyone can come swim, hang out, tan for free. I've been there 3 times now :) 

Lex Corwin's Picture from the afternoon

Well, I think this is enough news for now! I will be posting Mardi Gras stories sometime soon, so stay tuned! If anyone has any questions, especially students looking into Lewis & Clark and the abroad program feel free to email me at sallen@lclark.edu.


PS: Today was also the 3rd Annual Performance of For Colored Girls back at Lewis & Clark, which I was bummed to miss, but proud to support even from across the world. Happy last day of Black History Month!