01 February 2014

Seraphie's Study Abroad: Highlights of Sydney

 Hey y'all!

We have now been in Sydney for exactly 20 days and are leaving tomorrow for North Stradbroke Island. After a weekend in Straddie, we will be spending a week in an Aboriginal camp to listen and learn. All of us are sad to leave Sydney, but also super stoked for new adventures!

Travel tends to do this to you: while these 20 days seem to have flashed by, I also feel like we have been here forever. Sydney has been non-stop. Since we arrived to now, we've been to numerous historical and public sights in New South Wales. I've highlighted some of the places with some pictures.

Taronga Zoo:

The Blue Mountains, Three Sisters: 
Can you see the three sisters behind me?

Jenolan Caves:  
The Pool of Reflections

Theater Performance at Sydney Opera House- Black Diggers:
Seated in the theater

Australia Day (Also known as Invasion Day): 
Fireworks to celebrate Australia Day

Australian Museum: 
Shannon and Becca in the Dinosaur Exhibit 

New South Wales Art Gallery: 
Aboriginal Art Piece #1
Aboriginal Art Piece #2

We couldn't resist the irony
This was just a snap shot of my last couple weeks! I am so grateful to have such an awesome group. While we are diverse in our interests, majors, and personalities, we've really stuck together and had some awesome adventures!

 If you are interested in a seriously a brilliant political mockumentary, which is reversing the situation in Australia, where blacks landed in a white culture and took over. We watched this in class and while it is hilarious, it is also sad because of how accurately they portray the history.

 To anyone who is interested in studying abroad or want to know more about the Australia program, please let me know!

Sorry for not writing that much, but I am trying to hurry about the door to go clubbing with the groups!