11 February 2014


As you've probably heard by now, it snowed in Portland! And I mean real snow, not the sad, trying-to-hard-to-be-snow-but-is-really-rain snow that we usually get. I think we got about five or six inches up here on the hill, but I know some areas got more. The school was officially closed between 2pm on Thursday and noon on Monday, so I had a lot of unexpected free time to sleep and watch some movies and go outside and play in the snow. I ended up catching a pretty nasty cold that I'm still getting over, so it was good to have that time off to rest.

And it was so pretty!

The view of the reflecting pool and Mt. Hood- you can faintly see the mountain in the background. 
Albany, over in the academic area. It was kind of eerily quiet on campus, but also peaceful
The Manor House (where the admissions office is).
Tryon Creek State Natural Area- I'm so glad I went down here to see the snow. It was extremely pretty- I actually ended up going twice because it was so beautiful.

I ended up having Spanish cancelled (twice) and environmental studies cancelled (once). I was supposed to have a Spanish midterm yesterday, but as class was cancelled the day of the test (and the day before) it's been moved to Friday. I have a lot of work to do for all of my classes, but I think it will calm back down a bit after this weekend. On top of school work I still have Symposium work, Tryon volunteer stuff, and ukulele (our first practice of the semester is tonight!). At least I'm staying busy!

Right now is the time of year when people are trying to figure out what they are doing this summer, and it's exciting. I'm planning on going home and working at the same job I had last summer, which was helping with the summer classes my community center provides for kids. It was really rewarding and I learned a lot, so I'm excited to do that again. Other friends are going abroad (!), doing internships both through LC and other organizations (!), and finding other exciting jobs (!). There are so many great things to do, and I wish I could do them all. Having too many options is definitely better than not having enough, though.

I'm also currently engaged in other future planning- like figuring out where I'm going to live next year. My friends and I are hoping to find a house off campus, which is really exciting. Living on campus is great, but I'm excited to become a bit more independent by having to do things like cook my own food and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. I also have officially applied to go abroad, so I'm eagerly awaiting to hear the results of that application.

If you have any questions, please email me! I'm never too busy to answer! My address is rekidder@lclark.edu.