24 February 2014


One thing I've learned to do lately is wait. All of you who are applying to college are learning the same thing- waiting is tough, and drags on and on. I remember when I applied to school, it felt like forever before I heard back from anywhere- even though I heard back from my first school in November.

After I applied to college, I naively thought that I wouldn't have to apply for anything for a long time. I was wrong. Last spring I applied for the job I had last summer. Last summer I applied for my job as a biology TA for this fall. Last fall, I applied to co-chair ENVS Symposium. This year, I've applied to study abroad, and for multiple scholarships. Luckily I don't have to re-apply for my job this summer. Now I'm in this weird period where I'm done with my applications but have a while before I hear back.

I think it's kind of convenient my application deadlines fell when they did, because now we're getting into midterms (I have two this week). It means I can focus on studying and other schoolwork. Work is definitely ramping up in my classes- though we have less than a month until spring break, which is crazy to think about, because after that we only have a bit more than a month left of classes, then less than a week of finals, then we're going home. Each semester is going more quickly than the last, which is exciting but also kind of scary since it means I'll be graduating relatively soon.

Related to future-planning, my roommates and a couple of other friends and I are planning on renting a house next year!

My roommates. Every holiday we make a holiday "family" card, and this is our Valentine's day one. We're pretty cute.
We have a good lead on one house, which is exciting. I'm excited to cook for myself and have a private bathroom! The dorms are great, but also sometimes it's nice to not share a bathroom with 15 other people.

If you have any questions or comments or anything, feel free to email me at rekidder@lclark.edu!