04 February 2014


Hey friends!!!

Welcome back to my blog! I had a really fantastic winter break full of friends, family, food, laughter and Netflix and I'm back, refreshed, and ready to conquer this semester! 

I've actually been feeling very energetic, which I also chock up to working out almost every day and enjoying the lack of stress the beginning of the semester brings. So, to break my life down for y'all!

What am I taking (classes)? 

Spanish 102: Your typical 2nd semester of beginning Spanish. I'm currently learning the irregular preterite verbs. Plus side: I just started working with a SAAB tutor and he's fantastic and super helpful! (We're given 2 free hours of tutoring a week for any class!)

Pre-Columbian Art History: Took this because it sounded interesting and I've never taken an art history class...all I can say for now is that I"ll never look at a stone the same way again. Fun fact: I'm learning how to interpret the Mayan calendar system!

Perspectives in Mathematics: Honestly, I don't have a very good reason for taking this other than some of my friends are in it and the teacher was highly recommended to me...and it's true, he's great (Paul Allen). This is a fun, general class where we learn about mapping and grids and shapes and stuff..(yeaaaa..clearly I've researched the basis of this class :/ ) So far so good though!

Cognitive Neuroscience (with lab): Now, I totally need to geek out for a second because I LOVE THIS CLASS!!! The teacher, Todd Watson, is one of my two favorite professors in the psychology department (Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell is also a gem) and he makes everything incredibly relatable. Plus, there isn't really any way to make your brain UN relatable. Today during lab, we got to dissect sheep brains! (there was also a cow, pig, and human brain but we didn't dissect those #don'tcutthehumanbrain!! So this is my only 300-level class this semester which is odd because I usually take 3 or 4 upper-level classes so my work load will be even enough that I can focus a lot of energy on this class!

Ok, enough about classes, quick synopsis of what else I'm doing:

1) My play! This semester I'm directing a play called "For Colored Girls" by Ntozake Shange and I am so excited-more details to come. 

2) RA: I did decide to re-apply to be an RA and not apply to go abroad to Strasbourg but I will also be devoting the next blog to talking about that decision and the benefits/ drawbacks of both of these programs. 

3) Exercise! Like I said, I've been exercising almost every day and it's been fantastic! I love switching between running outside in Tryon (our local state park) when it's nice out, going to the weight room, swimming in the indoor pool, and leading my kickboxing class in the mat room. I have a great exercise playlist and I'll give y'all a taste of my current favorites. 

Music/ Exercise Playlist
1) Partition- Beyonce
2) Do It Like A Dude- Jessie J
3) Wings- Little Mix
4) Counting Stars- One Republic
5) La Tortura- Shakira
6) Caught Up- Usher
7) Jumpin Jumpin- Destiny's Child
8) Burn- Ellie Goulding
9) Good Girl- Carrie Underwood
10) Oh My- Haley Reinhart ft. B.O.B
*bonus(guilty pleasures) Timber- Pitbull ft. Kesha AND Dark Horse- Katy Perry

~~That should keep y'all busy for a while!!! Enjoy :)

Happy Tuesday,

Chelsea the RA