29 September 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hey guys! My name is Remington Campbell and I am a freshman here at Lewis and Clark. This is my first time blogging ever, so I hope you guys enjoy! I am really excited about the opportunity to blog here and tell everyone about Lewis and Clark.

To briefly introduce myself:
  • I am planning on majoring in Biology. My ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian, specializing in production animals (sheep, cattle, pigs, etc.)
  •  I am from Brawley, California, and in case you have absolutely no clue where that possibly is, it is located in between San Diego, CA and Yuma, AZ. For those of you who have never been to or for that matter heard of Brawley, it is a complete desert. Being in Portland, I have been in love with all the green trees and having actual seasons to enjoy. 
I am a member of the football team here at LC. I play middle linebacker. I have been playing football since I was in 3rd grade, so getting the chance to play in college has been an awesome experience for me. 
Go Pios!

This semester I am taking three classes along with playing football. Biology 141(where I will also be doing lab work in nearby Tryon Creek State Park), Chemistry 110 ( also with a lab), and E&D ( English class). I am really excited to be here at Lewis and Clark. It's a wonderful place and I hope I can show everyone what an amazing place it is. Here are a few pictures of me and everything I have done so far at LC. 
Study hall with the team.
My girlfriend, Ava, and I after our game at Whittier. 
View of my locker room when I first arrived. 
I hope you guys enjoy my blog, and good luck to everyone out there in their senior year.