26 September 2014

Hello there!

Hi! This is my first blog post! My name is Frances and I am a sophomore here at Lewis & Clark. To briefly introduce myself:
-I am an intended double major of Environmental Studies and Sociology.
-I run for the cross country team (and Track & Field in the Spring, competing in the 1500 and steeplechase).
-I dabble in volunteering for the Bike Co-op, helping to repair students bikes for free.
-I am the On-Campus Sustainability Intern (more on what that means to come).
-I am a peer-facilitator for the Consent and Sexual Misconduct workshop. This class is apart of a new program all first years and transfer students must complete called the Pioneer Success Institute (PSI).
-This summer I was an intern for the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter (I got a stipend for the summer from the Lewis & Clark!)

This is me!
While I hope to give you a good idea of what life is like as a student at Lewis & Clark, my experiences should not be generalized to describe the entire student body. I am here to show you some of the opportunities available to you (and there are a lot) and give you an idea of what you could accomplish as a LC student. Treat this blog as a glimpse into life here and not the end-all-be-all.

That being said, here are some of the SWEET things I have done on campus and around Portland in the past month here!

Sunset kayak on the Willamette with the "Sea Slug" 
Lounged about by the Reflecting Pools on campus
Studied! Watzek library is a great place to do some 
homework -- or to procrastinate.
Ate some DAMN GOOD ice cream at Salt & Straw
(I'm the one second to the left)
Ate a massive doughnut at Voodoo 
(you may be noticing a theme...)

Climbed a tree and set up a hammock on South Campus

Swam in the outdoor pool on campus!

The sun was in full force during the first month of school and it was luxurious. I took advantage of the lovely weather by spending as much time I could outside --I did the majority of my homework during the first three weeks of classes under a tree in a grassy nook on the academic side of campus. This campus (as pictured in various scenes above) has incredible outdoor spaces for relaxing with friends on a sunny day.

That's all I've got for now,