29 October 2014

A little of this, a little of that

I'll start this post by explaining the Consent and Sexual Misconduct workshops I peer-facilitated during the first month of school. Lewis & Clark began a program that every first year and transfer must complete called the Pioneer Success Institute (PSI); for about six weeks groups of the same twenty students meet to have discussions about a wide range of topics. Each of these meetings is led by a faculty or staff person except for the Consent and Sexual Misconduct workshop which is led by peers, such as myself. We discussed what consent means, LC's sexual misconduct policy definitions, prevention and bystander intervention, and lastly gave students resources on and off campus they could use if they needed it. It was extremely challenging, though rewarding, to facilitate these discussions. I think it is so important that Lewis & Clark students have consent and bystander training. Sexual misconduct should not be something we tolerate here and I think ensuring every incoming student has at least a baseline understanding of the problem can do wonders for preventing sexual assault here. 

I think pictures are the best, most interesting way to share my life at Lewis & Clark is through pictures, so here goes! Here are some things I've done in the past month.

The women's cross country pre-race huddle before the Willamette Invite

Some of my friends and I went to the Gorge for a hike for my old roommates birthday!

Hiked to "the Punchbowl." We swam to the waterfall and it was SO COLD! I grew up in Northern California and swim in the Pacific all the time (not know for it's lukewarm temperature), and this water took my breath away.

This is me trying to warm up after swimming in the Punchbowl

My dad cam to visit! This is him by the reflecting pools (note the prime studying location)

My conversational french class took advantage of the beautiful weather and had class outside

Hiking on a beautiful trail in the Gorge. So nice to get off campus and get outdoors!

My favorite study spot: the Albany courtyard