20 October 2014

Enjoying nature

The semester is officially half way over.

Wait, what? Already? It seems as if it was only a week ago that I was moving into my room and trying to adjust to an entirely new life. Now school is in full swing. I have a biology test this Friday and a chemistry test next Wednesday. It's going to be an enjoyable few weeks in the library!

Another big part of these classes also the labs that are scheduled once a week. My favorite is my biology lab!

In bio lab, we are conducting studies on the effect of ivy in the Pacific Northwest. Doesn't catch your attention right away? Let me elaborate on the subject for you. Ivy was introduced here around 200 years ago as a garden decoration. Since it grows so quickly, it rapidly reproduced and invaded local forests. One forest where this is happened in particular is near the Lewis and Clark campus in Tryon State Park.

So for my lab, my group and I decided to do a study on the effects of ivy on native plant species. This means we have to go out into the forest in Tryon right next to campus to collect data for our experiment. Now being from a desert, I love being out here in the forest. It really is amazing to step outside and not melt away in five minutes.

So this past week my group (Anna Colando, Kelley Koeppen, and I) made a trip down to Tryon to inspect for plots of land that contains ivy. We made about a 30 minute hike down to the park, trying to navigate our way there without getting lost. Upon our arrival, we began mapping out the trails and started searching for ivy near the Nature Center. After about an hour of trying to search for ivy on three trails, we only found the tiniest scraps of ivy. Defeated for the day, we made the long trek back up to campus and called it a day.
Hiking in Tryon!

Kelly (left), Anna (right), and I in search of Ivy.

The next day we talked to our professor, and he told us we had been searching in the wrong area! In hindsight we had a good laugh, but my feet were a little sore the next day. I will definitely let everyone know the results of our experiment when we figure it out!

Until next week guys,

-Remington Campbell

P.S.- Here is a cool picture I took of campus the other day!

Walking by the Reflecting Pool on a rainy day!