07 October 2014

España, Qué Bonita

    I was going to talk about my classes and applying for Fulbright, but instead I just want to talk about Spain. I participated in two LC study abroad programs: Seville, Spain and Strasbourg, France. I went to Seville my sophomore year and it was amazing, glorious, and delicious. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed it. Every time I speak Spanish, I feel a visceral joy because I am reminded of Seville, my friends there, and the moments when I learned each new word. 

This weekend, I was asked to talk to the next group of students participating in the program. Lewis & Clark hosts pre-abroad meetings to help students get ready for the trip, which gives them a chance to talk about their hopes and fears besides all the logistical stuff. I got to relive my experience when I talked to them about what to go and see:
 (La Catedral de Sevilla)

about making friends:

(Other LC students and I hanging out with our Spanish speaking partners, "Intercambios," during La Feria, a spring festival when everyone wears traditional flamenco clothing. I'm on the left, wearing a dress that my Spanish friend Cristina let me borrow.)

(LC students just before our flamenco party at El Centro Norte Americano, our school)

about what to eat:

 (My friend Nick and I about to eat some paella. This was a serving size for two, hence Nick's uneasy expression)

and what to do during free time:

(My roommate Charlotte and I in Chefchaouen, Morocco during Spring break)

(Doing homework at a river café, a typical afternoon in Seville)

I talked about the problems I faced there too. It was, of course, difficult in the beginning, when I was struggling with the language. I started Spanish at LC, and I went to Spain after only 3 semesters of Spanish class. For the first month I was pretty silent, and there were some interesting and funny mess-ups and confusions. But, being there was the best thing that could have happened. After going abroad, I progressed so much and now I am comfortable, happy even, when I speak it.

Here is a link to all the study abroad programs at LC:


You will not be disappointed!

Also, if ya have any questions or want to know more, e-mail me at marissaburke@lclark.edu !