13 October 2014

Fall Break

This week the school had Fall Break, which started on Thursday. Thankfully there were no classes on Thursday and Friday! While most people went home for Break, I stayed here on campus since we still had a home game for football.

While everyone was back home, I was still waking up early in the morning for practice. I know, total blast right? Well without classes, it was an extremely awesome extended weekend. With only football in the mornings, what is a college boy supposed to do with all this free time? If you guessed sleep you are spot on. It was great

Actually besides catching up on all of my sleep, I did find a way to keep myself busy. Wednesday night the Portland Timbers, the local Major League Soccer team, was playing and since I have never been to an MLS game I really wanted to attend. Fortunately, these past two weeks Student Activities has been selling tickets at a cheaper price to the students of Lewis and Clark! This is one of the things I love about college. There are so many different things that are easily accessible, whereas where I am from, there isn't a whole lot you can do.

So Wednesday after classes ended at 2:50, I took a nap. Well, the game wasn't until 7:30 so I had a little bit of time to kill. When I woke up from my nap, I went up the Bon (what the students call Fields Dining Room and pronounced bone) for dinner. Then my friends Mike Downey, Dylan Stacy, my roommate Jake Anderson, and I hopped on the Pio (the bus system the school provides). The Pio is a really great service we have here. It transports us downtown to SW Salmon St, which is in the middle of the city.

Once we reached downtown, we all stopped to grab a bite at the the food carts near the stadium. Then it was off to enter the the stadium, Providence Park! Let me tell you, the city of Portland knows how to support their sports teams. The entire place was a sea of green and white (Timbers Colors). Our seats were near the end of the stadium on the side of one of the goals, allowing us to see the entire field. Now on the opposite end of the stadium from us was the noisiest section of fans, the Timbers Army. I'm pretty sure my chemistry professor was among the rowdy crowd, which I think is awesome. Everytime the Timbers scored (they won 3-0 by the way) the entire crowd went nuts! I lost my voice from all the yelling. Also, throughout the entire game, the Timbers Army never once stopped chanting. Seeing that makes me want to go back every time to their games.
Dylan, I, and some random people behind us. Go Timbers!

Our view from our seats! Not too shabby. 

The Timbers game was definitely was the highlight of my fall break. After that, time flew by. I relaxed after practices and even got to play a little Xbox. Saturday was our first home game! After over a month of only road games, it was such a strange experience to wake up in my own bed after a good night of rest and have a home game. Unfortunately, we lost 44-7 but we have been looking much better. Then Sunday I watched football games all day with my friends.
Watching football with my friend, Drake Cain, in Copeland hall. 

So my fall break was a very successful restful days. Now I just have to make it to Thanksgiving!

Until next time everyone,

Remington Campbell

P.S- Here are a few more pictures from this weekend.
Penalty shot for the Timbers! Gooooaaaallll!

First home game. Go Pios!

Pretty awesome seats.