27 October 2014


Hello again!

This last week I had a friend from home visiting me, which means I got to do all of the touristy things that everyone who's been here longer than two weeks claims to be above, even though they are great.

She came in on Tuesday night, so we didn't get started with our adventure until Wednesday. I planned Wednesday so that we could spend all day on campus. I had class most of the day, so I showed my friend Watzek, our library. It's a beautiful building, and my friend (who is very critical of libraries) liked it a lot. I took her on a tour of campus, and brought her to my environmental education class. We grabbed dinner in the Bon, had ukulele orchestra practice, and went to the Acapella OUTLoud! concert in the chapel. The acapella concert was put on to celebrate coming out day, as well as raise money to help homeless LGBT youth. Overall, I think my friend got a good taste of what life on the hill is like.

Thursday she stayed home while I went to my class in the morning, then we headed downtown to eat at the food carts and go to Powell's bookstore. After Powell's we went shopping at Buffalo Exchange, a thrift shop next door. We also stopped by the central library downtown (like I said, she enjoys critiquing libraries), and met a friend downtown for frozen yogurt.

Friday we stayed home and watched old musicals with another friend who came over. Around 10 PM we decided we wanted to go an adventure, so we went downtown again and went glow-in-the-dark mini-golfing at a place downtown called Glowing Greens. I took her to VooDoo donuts after that, since I think you get more out of the experience if you see the midnight-on-a-Friday crowd.

Saturday, her last day in Portland, my housemates took her downtown to the Portland State University farmer's market and to Saturday Market (where you can find a lot of crafty things) while I went to Tryon Creek State Park to help with their nature center program for children.

I'll step away from telling about my visit with my friend for a second to talk about what I'm doing at Tryon. For my environmental education class, we have a 20-hour practicum in or near Portland. I'm at Tryon, helping with their education program. On Friday morning I went over to the nature center and shadowed a nature guide doing a program about slugs for 4th graders. I learned a lot about teaching kids, as well as about slugs (they have 27,000 teeth!). Saturday the nature center had an open classroom where kids could come and see the animals and learn more about slugs. I ended up holding a snake for most of the time, and bonded with a little boy who had been afraid of snakes until he started interacting with the one I was holding. It was a cool experience.

Anyway, back to my friend- I met her downtown, and we grabbed dinner before she headed off to the airport. The rest of my weekend was a blur. Saturday night Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) spoke on campus. He was a really engaging speaker and it was a lot of fun. Sunday I went downtown again to go to the Portland Art Museum for my drawing class. We had to draw a couple of things from the current exhibit about World War I, and write a paper about the exhibit. After I finished up there, my housemate Annabel and I went to NW Portland to study at Tea Chai Te and get ice cream at Salt & Straw. Overall, an adventurous week.

Before I sign off, enjoy a couple of pictures of how beautiful campus was this week!
a double rainbow on Monday
Mt Hood this morning
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