09 December 2014

Baudelaire, Break, and Brunch

Hey y'all,

    It's a busy evening in Watzek Library, and I'm not going to excite you with all the details of studying for finals and writing essays, but this has been home base for the past few weeks now. I have seen many friends here, who give me the silent nod that says "I'm happy to see you but I can't talk right now almost done with my thesis let's catch up later good luck!" Tonight I am working through a French paper on Charles Baudelaire, or as I affectionately call him, Charlie. Here is a picture of a typical finals evening-- it is my experienced opinion that chocolate and chai help with the writing process:

        It's hard to escape talking about homework in these last couple of weeks, but Lewis & Clark students are at their prime now, typingtypingtyping and I've seen a several killer presentations in my classes lately. This winter break will be earned. Speaking of breaks, Thanksgiving was a welcome pause button to this fast-moving semester. I stayed in Portland, and my mom came to visit me and we went out several times in order to partake in Portland's favorite meal: brunch.
       If any of you visit Portland, you'll notice that Portlanders at their happiest when they are sitting in front of a giant plate of waffles. Maybe we just like waking up later on the weekend...missing breakfast, aren't ready for lunch food... and are happy to remember that there is always BRUNCH! It also helps fuel the large population of outdoorsy people who go hike the Colombia River Gorge or are just generally active during the weekend. It's even been made into an episode in Portlandia: 

    Speaking of breakfast, the dining hall, "The Bon," has been making delicious meals as usual. Since it's study time and there is less time to cook, I am lately appreciating the easy access to food on campus. This morning I went to Bon breakfast, and on the way there I saw this very confusing squirrel sitting on a pumpkin, lodged in a tree. What?
I have no idea who is responsible for this, but I appreciate the humor it adds to my Tuesday. I hope everyone is getting through the final weeks without too much stress, and that there is a squirrel to lighten up your day. Good luck with those college apps! E-mail me if you have any questions or want to know more about LC. Thanks for reading!