01 December 2014

Sprinting to the end

After being home for five days, I am busy today trying to get back in the swing of my life here at LC. I went home on Tuesday and just got back yesterday afternoon. It was nice to be home. I surprisingly didn't have very much work to do, so I spent my time hanging out with my dad and sister and meeting up with some friends. It was just long enough that it was a bit of a shock to come back and have class this morning, but knowing that I am going home again in just two and a half weeks is helping me get through it.

it's full-blown winter in Minnesota- a change from the 35 degree, rainy weather here!
reunited with my dog
It's a sprint to the finish line from here. Today in drawing we started on our final projects- 6 feet tall portraits. I am drawing Jane Goodall. It took me a while to figure out who I wanted to draw. I wanted to draw a woman, because I think women are awesome and are often overlooked, and I wanted to draw someone whose life work influenced me. I narrowed it down to Juliette Gordon Low (the founder of Girl Scouts), Rachel Carson (the author of Silent Spring and an advocate of getting kids into nature), Beverly Cleary (author of the Ramona and Beezus books), and Jane Goodall (scientist and chimpanzee advocate). I ended up choosing Jane Goodall, in part because the picture I found of her was better quality than the others I found, and in part because she's awesome. I loved animals as a kid (still do), I think in part because of my awareness of Jane Goodall. I think it's so important for girls (and people of all genders, for that matter) to have female role models and to see strong and powerful women in the media. I grew up with Jane Goodall being a familiar name, and I think she influenced my interest in the environment and in animals. On top of that, she's done a bunch of awesome work researching and protecting chimpanzees.

She's also just plain cool. She named some of the chimps she worked with "Mr. McGregor," "Mike," "Frodo," and "David Greybeard." I think they're really cool names. I'm enjoying learning about her as I work on this. We have to make our portrait "go beyond the photograph," so I'm trying to learn more about her in order to express her work and personality somehow. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do this, but it's a fun challenge.

Spanish is pretty much wrapped up. We are watching one final movie, "Instructions Not Included" or "No se aceptan devoluciones" and then we are done. I'm also pretty much done in environmental education. We have a few more readings, but I've already written my final paper (due tomorrow) and done my final presentation. Our professor invited us to all come over to his house this weekend, where he's going to cook us chili. That's one thing I love about going to LC- students and professors get to know each other really well, and something like this isn't uncommon at all.

My last class, colonial Latin American history, is getting close to wrapping up. It's my only class with a "real" final, or at least a test/essay completed during the final period. I have a lot of studying to do, and we still have one more reading to do for Thursday.

Please send me any questions you have about LC, Portland, or anything! I'm happy to answer! My email is rekidder@lclark.edu.