02 December 2014

Thanksgiving Break

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a great dinner and ate too much. I know I did! My girlfriend Ava came up to Portland, and we really had a great time. We went to my friend Mikey’s house for Thanksgiving. His mother prepared turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and rolls for dinner. It was so good. After dinner we went “Black Friday” shopping, even though it was Thursday night. Apparently everyone wants to have a head start on Friday. Mikey, our friend Will, Ava and I went shopping at Target. People were lined up outside since at least an hour before the store opened. It was crazy! The lines at Target snaked through the aisles. When we arrived, people were already leaving with new TVs. I was able to get Fifa 15, a soccer game for my xBox One,  and Ava got some makeup for great prices. The whole night was so much fun, and I am so grateful that Mikey’s family invited us to his house.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring more of Portland. One place that we found was Powell’s Bookstore. I have never seen a bookstore that huge! There were several floors and many different rooms just filled with all kinds of books. My brother, who loves reading, could get lost in there for an entire month. Also, Ava was determined to find a Dutch Bros, a coffee shop chain.  We walked across the Morrison Bridge and through Southeast Portland in search of one. Once we found it, it started to rain. At that point it was around 35 degrees, and we were freezing! The hot coffee really hit the spot. Our first time having Dutch Bros was certainly memorable. Most nights however, Ava and I sat around eating pizza and watching Netflix. The whole weekend off was such a great way to get my mind off of school for a few days.
This part was only the entrance. It was so huge!

Ava and I waiting for our coffee. 

Now that Ava is back home, it’s time to focus on school and finishing this semester. I am almost done with my final paper for my Exploration and Discovery class. It is a response to reading the Iliad and the Odyssey. In it I argue that Hector is an overlooked hero. All my final exams are looming. I know that my biology and chemistry tests will be the hardest. Each test has a three hour time slot. I better get going with the studying. For me, I find that heading into the library and looking at extra materials from class really help. Other people like to get into groups and study together. After that, I will be excited to be able to go home and relax for a month!

Until next week guys,
Some awesome fall colors. 

Portlandia statue on the Portland building.