02 February 2015

Fun at Mt. Hood

As I mentioned last week, my parents got me a snowboard for my birthday and Christmas! So on Sunday I was finally able to go up to Mt. Hood.  Mt. Hood has three places that are available to snowboard. My friends Mikey, Will, and I went to Mt. Hood Meadows. The place we originally wanted to go, Ski Bowl, was closed due to a lack of snow right now. Mt. Hood typically has quite a bit more snow at this time of year. This year has apparently been very dry for Oregon. Of course I have no clue what everyone is talking about. This is way more rain than I've seen in my whole life!

So at 6:30 Sunday morning, Mikey drove us a few miles down to Tualatin to where a Park and Ride bus picked us up and drove us all the way up to the mountain. This was so relaxing to let someone else drive and not have to worry about directions or driving conditions that we got  to sleep on the charter bus all the way up there. It took about an hour and a half. Once we arrived at the mountain, we strapped on our boards and got up on the lifts.

Before it got super cold!
Unfortunately, not all the lifts were open because of the amount of snow; however, the lifts that were open had snow that wasn't too icy and easy to ride. It even started to snow once we got there! It was awesome to be back snowboarding. Usually I go only once a year to Mammoth Mountain in California which is a nine or ten hour drive from my town. Being up on the mountain was a thrilling distraction from school.

As the day wore on, the top of the mountain got very cold and windy. Going up the lift was getting pretty rough. The wind shook the chair around and made it extremely cold. Eventually they had to close the lift I had been using all day because of the high winds. After that, I  headed back in because it was almost time to get back on the bus, and I was absolutely dead tired. I was so happy to be able go that day. It’s great living so close to Mt. Hood and going to Lewis & Clark.

School is really starting to pick back up. It’s going to be a tough semester. Along with my classes, I have two labs that are really going to be time consuming. I am going to have to spend time outside of class working on them if I want a good grade. Four classes this semester will definitely keep me occupied. Being able to get away and snowboard once in awhile will certainly help me relieve stress!


Myself, Mikey, and Will