22 February 2015

Goodbye Puppies, Hello Thesis

Hello all,

It's been crazy busy these last few weeks. Here are a few updates:

      My housemates and I are all done fostering the puppies. They're old enough to be fixed and adopted, so we had to give them back last week. We're all heartbroken that they're gone, but it's better to have the extra time to do schoolwork. This semester is heating up, and I am starting to write the main body of my thesis. Before I get into that, here's a video of my housemate, Katherine, and I playing with the puppies in our backyard:

Also here's Julia cuddling with Kimble and Mama dog:

    I have settled on a clearer topic for my thesis, and it's a relief to have it narrowed down. I'll be writing about the relationships between language, family, and the landscape in four of André Weckmann's poems. As a supplement to my thesis, I am translating a few of his works. Luckily for me, I get the help of everyone in my Poetry 401 class. Mary Szybist suggested that I ask them to look at my translations to see what works the best as a poem. Here is a pick of all of their comments (plus snacks). I'm in Watzek library going over them right now. So helpful!
    As you can see from the shadows, it's actually very sunny. Portland has had a lot of beautiful sunshine this week. It's been hard to focus because I just want to enjoy all the greenery outside, but at least I can see the trees from the quiet section of the library. I best be getting back to work, but before I do, let me tell you one awesome event that's happening this week. My thesis advisor, Isabelle DeMarte, suggested that I present my thesis topic at a community event called Lake Oswego Reads. It's hosted by Lake Oswego public libraries, and I'll be talking to high schoolers and community members about my project. Anyway, I best be getting back to work now. If you have any questions about LC and what it's like to be a student here, please e-mail me:


Have an awesome week!