10 February 2015

Keeping Busy With School

This semester is shaping up to be a tough one. Instead of three classes like last semester, I have four this term. Most of the classes are similar in nature, but with some differences in content compared  to last semester’s. Along with Chemistry, Biology, and Exploration & Discovery like first semester, I have added on Spanish 102 as well. I took Spanish 101(and Art History) at my local junior college while I was in high school so that I could clear up a spots for sports PE and agriculture, but still meet college requirements for California colleges.

In Bio 151 this semester, we are going to be focusing on genetics and its functions in life. It feels very similar to my AP Bio class I took in high school. For  our first lab investigation, we will be examining fruit flies and how genetics shape their phenotypes (physical appearance). This type of biology is what interests me the most. With this type of science, I can really see how genetics works, and it is very concrete.

My other science class is Chem 120. This class is a huge step up from last semester, which was a review of my high school chemistry class. All the material so far has been completely new with a lot more math involved. At times it is very confusing; however, I have a good enough background with math to handle it. We even went back to basic algebra by using the quadratic equation. It certainly gives math a practical application!

For the first time since my junior year of high school, I am taking a Spanish class again. Now languages have never been my strong suit , and I am pretty rusty at it, even though I live 30 minutes from Mexico;however, I  think I will enjoy that class. It’s always been a goal of mine to learn Spanish, so I’m really trying to grasp it and put it to use.. It’s those darn verb tenses I have to learn!

Finally, my E&D class. The topic of this particular course is The War to End All Wars, a course about the history, causes, and results of the First World War. I love history! If I could find a job in history that wasn’t being a teacher or professor, I would major in it. Also if I  were a better writer too, that would be helpful!. So far this class has really been interesting . My professor, Dr. David Campion, is very intelligent.. Along with his fascinating lectures about the War, he has brought in artifacts that really are awesome to inspect. One day he even brought in a French helmet that still had the leather lining inside the helmet.

For now, all these classes are keeping me super busy. I have a Bio and Spanish test on Friday and an essay due Monday. I can’t wait for the weekend to get here!

Mikey getting too excited for Spikeball...
Dylan setting up the next.