24 February 2015

Weekend in Seattle

This week my girlfriend Ava came up to visit me! Having her back up here was great. She got in at 12:30 Friday morning, so my friend Mikey and I went to pick her up. By the time we got back to school, it was already 1:30 and we fell asleep immediately. Within a couple hours, I was already back up for workouts and getting ready for my day. After my workout, Ava and I went to grab breakfast at the Dovecote (the coffee shop on campus). Then I went to class for most of the day while Ava got to hangout and enjoy the beautiful, sunny day on campus.

Later that night, we went downtown to go shopping and, of course, eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was so nice being able to go downtown and relax. Pioneer Square is a really nice place to grab a bite to eat and shop, which is why I love that the Pio drops us off so close to it.

Before Ava got there, we had planned to take a trip up to Seattle on Saturday. So on Saturday we we planned to get up early and leave at 6:30 AM. That wasn’t happening. We both overslept and missed the bus! Fortunately we were able to catch the next one and made it downtown in time to catch the Bolt Bus. This company is very convenient for people in the Northwest. It can take you to most major cities up here, and is a pretty fair-priced trip. The best thing about getting to the bus that morning, was that the place to load was right across from where the Pio Express dropped us.  As soon as we were on the bus, we fell back asleep and didn't wake up until we were almost there.

Getting into Seattle was amazing. The bus dropped us off by the Seahawks’ and Mariners’ stadiums. They were so huge- much bigger than Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego where the Chargers play. Once we got off the bus, we made our way to Pike’s Place, the famous market where fish and produce are sold. Walking down the diverse stalls of everyone’s products was an interesting sight. They sold all kinds of things, like salmon, cod, and sturgeon. They also sold almost every kind of fruit and vegetable you could imagine. Right across the street from the market was the first ever Starbucks. It was interesting to see how this little, ordinary shop in Seattle became one of the biggest companies in the entire world. We of course had to stop in and get a small coffee frappuccino.

After spending the morning in Pike’s Place, we started to make our way to the Space Needle. It was quite a walk. Seattle is on a much steeper hill than Portland, which only has very small inclines. As soon as we got there, we were able to buy tickets and go to the top within half an hour of arriving. Lucky for us, it was a clear day, and we could see Puget Sound, the harbor, and the Olympic Mountains all from the top. Some people up there even were having lunch all the way at the top, right below where we were.
After an hour, we came back down and started searching for a place to eat. Naturally, we found a Buffalo Wild Wings to eat at! It wouldn’t be a visit from Ava without eating at Buffalo at least twice. With only a little bit of time left before we had to catch our bus back to Portland, we went down to the Pier and watched the sun set over the mountains. It was an amazing way to close out a great day.

On Sunday before Ava had to go back to San Diego, her brother Bobby came to see us from Bend, which is in the middle of Oregon. He brought his dog Penny, an Australian Shepherd. All of us were able to go downtown and spend a little time together that day. We went over to Powell’s Bookstore and also got some donuts at Blue Star Donuts.. It was such a great weekend!

Now it’s back to busy school. The work is catching up to me, and I need to stay on top of everything. Well, that’s all I have for this week!


Bobby, Ava, and I.

Such a awesome weekend!