17 February 2015

Working Hard

Well I survived the toughest week of the semester so far. I had a test for bio, an E&D paper due, and recruits to host this weekend.Tomorrow I have my last test in chemistry for a while and then I’m free to relax for a little this weekend.

Along with all this homework, I got hired for a job on campus! When I got back I was able to get a job when I got back from break! I am able to make some money through work study that I received in my financial aid package. My friend Mikey recommended me to the lady in charge of the program and I did a quick interview for the job.

For my work study, I assist with the other sports games since I am not in season for football. This two weekends ago for work I went to the softball game and kept the stats for their game. The system I was using was so old that using a mouse would do nothing to help me. It is similar to the system Pong was designed on, but it was super easy to use and efficient for keeping stats on the game. It was almost like being in the 90’s! Working the game was pretty fun. Once I picked up how to keep track of all different stats like hits, runs, and strikeouts for the game, it was really just to sit there and watch the game.

After the craziness of last week, I had to work again on Saturday. This time I was scheduled to work the boys’ and girls’ basketball games. For the girls’ game I did the shot clock. Every time the ball hits the rim, there’s a foul, or there’s a change of possession I press a button that resets the shot clock. It’s a lot harder than it actually sounds. You have to pay attention the entire and make sure that you don’t screw up. For the guys’ game, I ran the game clock. It was similar to the shot clock, but instead I only stopped it when there was a foul, timeout, or when the ball went out of bounds. To me, running the game clock was harder because it was easier to zone out from the game.

While working does take up time, I am really glad to be making money again. It will be nice to have some spending money and start paying off my student loans. Now it’s time to study for my chemistry test and get this week over with!

A beautiful morning in Portland!

Mens Basketball team warming up.